Presentable appearance, durability, environmental friendliness and weather resistance are the features of such facing material as natural stone.are the features of such facing material as natural stone.

Such rocks as marble, limestone and natural granite are used for production of facing plates made of natural stone.

Marble has high strength and wear-resisting characteristics; however, it is easily processed and takes mirror grinding. This material has its own inimitable pattern in a form of veinlets and unusual structure.

Limestone is a porous natural material; it is easily worked, cut and grinded. Facing plate made of such material can “breathe” thanks to its porous structure and keeps water out as well.

Natural granite is famous for exceptional strength and durability. There is a huge amount of color options of this material the most valuable of which are black and red. A house faced with natural stone will always draw attention because reliability and durability represented by this material will be never out of fashion.