M-Facade is a reliable partner for construction companies from 2020.
If you want your facade looks great, last a long time and be energy efficient at the same timE, M- Facade can help.
M-Facade is a trusted partner for projects where a Ventilated Façade solution is chosen.

Working with leading construction companies, we have proven ourselves as a professional, reliable partner even for projects with complex architecture.By providing fast, high-quality material delivery and detailed installation drawings, our customers are able to achieve the desired results in much shorter timescales.
We value our customers' time as much as our own!
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What do we do?
M-Facade is engaged in the design and sale of ventilated facade substructure systems.
What do we provide?
Accurate calculation of the required materials by providing a material specification

On-site delivery of materials

Design of tile layouts

Design of the installation

Development of assemblies

Testing of the base material

On-site consultation
Why do customers choose us?
We don't sell materials. We sell a solution. Each project is considered on its own merits, offering customers the safest, most effective solution.Whatever the size of the project, a high level of service is provided.Fast problem resolution. Often, building renovations involve unusual situations that require a quick change or solution. Affordable. Despite the steep price rises in recent years, M-Facade has been able to deliver quality materials and provide a high level of service.

We love what we do - these are the key words for the rapid development of the company.